I am an Entrepreneur and Software Engineer living in New York City.

I first started developing web & mobile apps back in 2009 and it was undoubtedly love at first sight. Previously, I've worked with clients ranging from individual employers to startups and corporations. I am currently working on my businesses and help startups as a contractor. You can view some of the projects I've worked on here

From time to time I write some stories on my Medium profile. I'm super passionate about innovation and building cutting-edge products. 

I enjoy working on interesting & innovating projects. If you have a cool project and need my help, hire me.

When I am not in Terminal, you’ll find me meditating, reading or sending emojis 🐱 . My hobby is exploring the 🌍 🚀 while snapping amateur panoramas ðŸŒ†.

You can get in touch with me on Twitter at @Sebyddd, or email me at me@dobrincu.co